"The Adventure of Cyb"
From Skorpio, Apr. 24, 1996

"Skorpio" is a bi-weekly comic magazine published by Eura Editoriale, a publishing house dedicated to finding, translating, and presenting to the Italian public the finest of the world's comics.  One of the first comics chosen was Cybersix, and my web research indicates that many in the Italian comic world believe that Cybersix was the rocket fuel that powered Eura Editoriale to success.  As best as I can tell, there were at least 42 comics and 3 supplements with the title of Cybersix.  The comic series was terminated, but the protests were so loud that apparently Eura Editoriale decided to continue by publishing Cybersix as a series of episodes in "Skorpio".  I was fortunate enough to get about 12 issues of "Cybersix" and about 24 issues of "Skorpio".  The cover of each "Skorpio" issue prominently advertises the presence of a Cybersix insert.  Many thanks to Rafaele of www.galactus.it, who handles the English speaking internet customers, for helping bridge the language gap!  Just don't be shocked when you realize that it costs as much to ship a comic from Rome to Vidalia, Georgia, as it did to buy it!
But it was worth every penny as I looked through my treasure.  While doing so, I found the following charming comic right at the front of this particular issue of "Skorpio".  It is noteworthy in several respects.  First, It's in color, rather than black and white.  Secondly, there is just a little profanity and no nudity.  Thus, it is obviously a Cybersix comic geared to children.  That the action revolves around a children's book has self-referential implications that makes MY head spin.  My already great respect for Carlos Trillo and Carlos Meglia has gone up several notches.
But enough talk.  Now for the comic, which I translated into boring Arial type using Babelfish.  There are several Italian idioms and word usages that escaped me and Babelfish, so a thousand apologies for my less than perfect translation!
"The Adventure of Cyb"
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