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    Welcome to my little corner of the web. Iím Sita and this site is in honour of my Cybersix fan character Hazel. I know my background and layout is very is primative but this is my first time ever building a web site. A big, big thank you to my SIF (Ptah) for letting me have this space, truelly Iím not worthy. All the pics were used with permission, most (pretty much all) of them are Frundockís, so thank you to him. For the moment this web site is going to stay pretty much Cybersix. Now that thatís done below you should see all the places that you can visit on this site. Have fun! ^_^

 June 20 2002

Hazelís Profile
Everything you might want to know about the infamous velvet

Place I stashed my writings, I have my Hazel fic, a complete (YAY!) Cybersix AR fic (updated about every 2 weeks) and my original writings. This was pretty much the main reason the site was created

Fan Art
Iím not an artist here Iíve placed the art of some very talented people who have taken the time to draw Hazel or any other Cybersix character. I have a few up.

Just some dumb stuff Iíve made with flash or some other program. You should see more junk in this part soon

About Me
I thought why not? So this is a VERY short about me page

Links to some really cool sites ^_^


If you would like to email about anything my email adress is: Sita_uv@yahoo.ca

Disclamer: Everything on this site was used with permission. I donít own Cybersix (duh). Itís property of TMS and whoever else has rights to it. However if you steel anything that IS mine (Hazel, pics in the art section etc) then I will hunt you down and burn you out. I peroidicly check other web sites so donít think youíll get away with it! However if you would like to use anything please ask me and Iíll most likely let you, my email is above, thank you.